Amy Poehler is a comedic goddess. Ever since a Chihuahua nibbled her “breast implant” in Mean Girls and she urinated in the sink in Baby Mama, we knew she wasn’t afraid to push the limits for a laugh. Now she’s in a romantic comedy with the adorable Paul Rudd. Yay for us! From the trailer, it looks like the movie tracks the romantic comedy conventions—falling in love, romantic bliss followed by some crushing disillusionment. Will they or won’t they break up? But who cares! We eat up these stories for the couple’s romantic journey. We want to see them overcome obstacles and prevail. Who doesn’t like a happy ending? (If you secretly answered otherwise, then you have the heart of an insect.)  And when you put love and laughter together, there’s nothing better. If the title and the poster are any indication of the movie’s saucy humor, we’re in for a funny, romantic ride.