Jessica Durrell has it all figured out. As San Francisco’s most successful matchmaker and owner of Love Match, she has been helping the lovelorn go from “Single to Soul Mate in 30 Days.” Smart, observant and ballsy, she thrives at finding the perfect mate for her clients, promising to give them the right push along the path to relationship bliss. Of course, her longtime marriage to the man of her dreams is living proof that she practices what she preaches.

Then out of the blue, disaster strikes. Jessica’s world is thrown into chaos and the future of Love Match is now at stake. In the glare of the media spotlight, she and loyal Love Match staffers—Penny, Rose, and Mars—scramble for a way to save the business. All seems lost until Jessica finds herself making a dicey deal with Hayden Korr—a former rock star on the comeback trail with his own agenda.

Just when it seems that Jessica’s wacky scheme might actually succeed, complications arise. Hayden’s high-maintenance girlfriend is miffed about the partnership, and Jessica’s nemesis has crawled out of the woodwork to make sure she goes down in flames. Then, there’s that strange, growing attraction Jessica is feeling for Hayden.

Through outrageous obstacles and hilarious twists and turns, our Queen of Hearts is forced to reexamine her views on relationships, romance, and what it really takes to win in the game of love.


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