Catch THE POWER OBJECT creator Claire-Dee Lim’s interview on Digital Sisterhood Radio, December 12, 2012.


Digital Sisterhood Network–Celebrating Women in Social Media September 12, 2012
Profile: Meet Digital Sisterhood Leader Claire-Dee Lim


Face to Face Interview with AishaMedia October 19, 2011

Episode 17 features Hollywood Writer Claire-Dee Lim and her first web series “The Power Object.” Additionally, she talks about her experience on her first Studio produced movie “Firehouse Dog.”


Film Essent (Movie City News) July 30, 2011
“This is pretty good social satire, touching on things like brains versus beauty and how even a Berkeley Phi Beta Kappa can’t get ahead in television without a magic vibrator makeover…”

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Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule July 24, 2011
“I got a chance to sit down and speak with Lim about her series, how it came about, why she decided to stage the entire thing with dolls, and lots of other interesting stuff about the ways of Hollywood.”

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Interview with web creator Elize Morgan July 23, 1011
“Sometimes. A web series is all about making it with dolls… some of the problems, trials and tribulations of making web series for adults…”

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Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule July 21, 2011
“The Power Object is pure proof that social satire and good comedy need not come packaged in multimillion-dollar budgets…”

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The Real Girl’s Guide to Everything Else July 17, 2011
“Long before Bridesmaids hit the scene there were funny, raunchy chicks doing it DIY-style on the web. Although Claire-Dee Lim’s The Power Object – a new web series about three ladies who discover a magical vibrator — launched just last month, the idea began buzzing years ago.”

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alterna-tv July 4, 2011
“Claire-Dee Lim has done an outstanding job of not only writing a comic-filled script that is likewise grounded in reality despite containing a supernatural element, but turning the “watch what you wish for” narrative into a first-class webseries as well.”

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“Everything looks simple from the dolls, to the set, to the props but the jokes pack a punch.”

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“We had the pleasure of catching up with Lim to find out about her experiences in the doll universe and get her take on the pluses and minuses of creating indie entertainment for the Web.”

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“Hollywood screenwriter Claire-Dee Lim, author of family-friendly film Firehouse Dog, is releasing an original comedy web series…”

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