Mistress Marlena DeVinyl takes a moment during her popular and award-winning cable-access sex show to answer viewer questions. Check out this THE POWER OBJECT spin-off series.


“My leather, pleather and rubber outfits are causing serious chafing issues. How do I combat it?”


“My girlfriend wants me to watch stupid TV with her. Ugh!”


“What’s a VVB?” 




“I live in the dorms and my roommate keeps sexiling me. Help!”


“My girlfriend wants me to pretend to be Brad Pitt. What does it mean?!”


“My girlfriend’s afraid she doesn’t live up to my past. Any advice?”


“My hot roommate keeps stealing my thunder. What should I do?”


“What came before The Big Bang?”


“Why does every man I meet want me to be his slave?”


“Should I dress like a pony?”


“Which literary character do you most identify with?”


“How can I spice up my boring sex life?”


“Are you a Burner?”


“What should I do about my possessed vibrator?


“Which actress would you like to play you in the Lifetime movie adaptation of your life story?


Is it true that most dominatrixes are Catholic?


Are you on drugs?


Watch more Mistress Marlena in THE POWER OBJECT. Episode 1: “The Pity Party” and Episode 8: “We Are So Screwed”.