Forget the super heroes and dinosaurs, my pick for best summer movie 2015 is Spy. It’s an inspired action-comedy send-up of every 007 trope you’ve ever loved: far-fetched gadgets, improbable action sequences and gun play, snooty casinos, luxury living, globetrotting locations, majestic musical score and so much more.

R-rated trailer: you’ve been warned.

Melissa McCarthy plays the smart, resourceful and underutilized woman behind the flash super spy, played by the tuxedoed Jude Law. She’s heartfelt, winning and most of all FUNNY! Her character and performance flourish before our eyes as she kicks ass in the world of international espionage. We care about her as we’re busting a gut with laughter. McCarthy also plays off a terrific supporting cast:

Rose Byrne: As the Bulgarian villain with an English accent, she’s wickedly funny and her Marie Antoinette-ish hair deserves an award.

Jason Statham: Star of Crank and many other action movies, he’s clearly having cheeky fun playing a mental case and rogue spy.

Allison Janney: As the deadpan CIA Deputy Director … we could all learn from her managerial style: deadpan, decisive and she promotes from within!

Hats off to writer-director Paul Feig for continuing to tell stories about unique, strong and multidimensional women, and help prove that yes, women are very very funny. I can’t wait to see what he does with the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters.

What are you waiting for? See Spy now!