The heroine of my new book Love Match is a matchmaker. She promises to take you from “Single to Soul Mate in 30 Days.” Do you think soul mates exist? If so, is it possible to meet one in 30 days?

When I was young and cynical (opinions formed based on no actual life experience) as opposed to my current state (older and wiser), I thought the notion of soul mates was bullshit. It was just a lot of hooey created and perpetuated by society and the nefarious card industry to keep us enslaved by our emotions. If you’re constantly aspiring and longing for something unattainable, then you’re likely to be depressed and unhappy. Dissatisfied people tend to be more susceptible to all kinds of things, such as advertising, which convinces them to buy more stuff to fill the vast void in one’s life. Back then, I was a lonely philosophy major in college, so my thoughts often ran toward the dark and conspiratorial. I’ve since changed my tune about soul mates.

What is a soul mate? Merriam-Webster defines a SOUL MATE as:

1:  a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament

2:  a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs

I wouldn’t say my husband and I are perfectly suited in temperament. He’s the calm one while I’m the hyper one, but he fits the bill for definition two. We’ve got tons in common and have similar attitudes. Twenty years ago, our eyes actually met across a crowded dance floor. We connected instantly. I had him when I revealed that I loved Star Trek: Next Generation. He had me when he said he loved the movie Jacob’s Ladder and British comedyWe’ve been together ever since.

Of course, soul mates don’t have be lovers. They come in many forms: friends, family members, even pets. Singer Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny’s Child, recently said Beyonce’ was her soul mate. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on their wall? Imagine being in a famous group at that young age and looking that hot. The bond they must’ve formed. I can attest to soul mate-type relationships with my close girlfriends and gay boyfriends. We’re so simpatico all it takes is one raised eyebrow or nostril flare to know exactly what each other’s thinking.

I’d love to hear your soul mate story. Please share in comments.