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Cocks Crow … and Crow

Through books and movies, I held the unrealistic notion that roosters crow once at dawn and that’s it. When I went to the Philippines, I experienced otherwise. Writers are already prone to be hyperbolic. But I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that crowing is a riot of sounds and goes on all day!

Hear it for yourself …

Public Transpo in the Philippines: Buckle Up!

Who needs ridesharing apps when bikes, trikes and jeepneys are readily available and inexpensive modes of public transpo? Here’s the latest in this travel series …

The Wonders of Rainy Season

Instead of merely posting my travel photos, I’ve gone back to my production roots and created a series of videos from them. Each will focus on a particular aspect of the journey. This first one is from my trip to the Philippines, and it features the country’s glorious greenery. Thanks for watching!

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