I admit it. I’m a cat lady. Now what I mean by that is I’m writing the “Tails From a Cat Lady” for Rachael Ray’s Nutrish site.  The cooking and lifestyle mogul has expanded into pet food. As a passionate animal lover and philanthropist, Ray donates personal proceeds from the pet food sales to no-kill animal shelters around the country for medical care and food.

Sox lounging

Since I’ve written about dogs (Firehouse Dog), it seems fitting that I turn my attentions to felines. Lucky for me before I started writing, this sweet little feral cat showed up in the backyard—she adopted us rather than the other way around—and she has been giving me loads of inspiration from which to write these tales. If you’d like to read about the cat adventures of Sarah and her two resident kitties, please check them out.

The Nutrish site also offers helpful wellness  and pet adoption advice for cats and dogs. The animal images are crazy cute!