Thank you, Netflix streaming for bringing Cuban Fury, a romantic comedy dance movie, into my life. It stars funny, tubby guy Nick Frost, sidekick to Simon Pegg in movies such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End, as a guy who attempts to dance his way in Rashida Jones’s heart.

The subject matter is an unexpected departure for Frost. The movie was developed from his original idea. In an interview with Collider back in April 2014, he revealed his secret dream of being a dancer and how the project came about. Hats off to Frost for bravely sharing his passion project with the world. This guy dances, you ask? How can the man who so effortless plays physically inept characters for our comedic enjoyment salsa dance? Let me tell you, he totally delivers the goods; he can move! He’s agile, has got flashy salsa footwork and some serious swiveling hip action.

This movie was meant for me. It had all the elements I adore: romantic comedy, British humor, and salsa dancing. About seven years ago, my galpal Jackie Cruz and I learned how to salsa. We obsessively took lessons, hit the clubs and dance socials three nights a week, and even went off to salsa dance camp lead by the incredible Edie the Salsa Freak. Jackie even joined a dance team to master this fun, exciting and sexy dance. What I appreciate most about salsa culture is that it’s an equal opportunity dance: it doesn’t matter how old, young, hot or not you are—it’s an inclusive community. Everyone just wants to dance, and everybody dances with each other regardless of skill level. This endearing and lively community came through loud and clear in Cuban Fury.

The hilarious and winning supporting cast is made up of Chris O’Dowd (IT Crowd, Bridesmaids), who plays an obnoxious coworker, competing for Rashida’s affections. Olivia Coleman gets to play adorable and daffy rather than Broadchurchy dour and whingey. She’s cast as Bruce’s sister and former dance partner. The lady has some impressive salsa styling and legs! She must forgo the tired blue pantsuits and wear leopard-print dresses and high heels far more often. Ian McShane, Swearengen from Deadwood and countless other memorable roles,  plays the gruff dance teacher who encourages Bruce to reclaim his salsa mojo.

It’s a big, fun movie about reclaiming your passions. When you follow your bliss, love just might follow.

Have you seen Cuban Fury? Let me know what you think.