The romantic drama Words and Pictures opens this Friday. It stars Juliette Binoche—the luminous and forthright French actress from The English Patient and Cache’ and Clive Owen—known for playing brooding and sexy in Croupier and bad assy in the BMW The Hire web series.

She’s a prickly art teacher and he’s an affable English teacher. You already see where this is going? Watch how two attractive characters with disparate interests and attitudes overcome their differences and find true love. But wait, there’s more. Their journey is framed within a competition—with students! According to the movie’s logline, their respective pupils go head-to-head to determine which conveys more meaning: words or pictures.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I’m purely speculating, from the trailer, how this storyline will play out. While they’re discovering how perfect they are for each other, this competition thingy will happen, which of course, will be the obstacle that disrupts their path to happiness. And I can’t wait! I just pray these two movie stars have explosive chemistry, because nothing can sink a romance faster than bad chemistry. Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp individually have chemistry to burn, but their coupling in The Tourist was a resounding dud.

The words and pictures part of the story is an intriguing premise. What’s more important? Words or pictures? You’d think as a writer I’d choose the obvious, but I can’t pick. I see it this way: words create pictures in the mind, whole universes upon which to project our thoughts and emotions. While visual imagery creates visceral feelings and reminiscences. Pictures have a powerful immediacy; the thoughts come seconds after. Each conjures unique experiences. Together they add to our life experience. If you’re thinking this reasoning is a cop-out, tell me so in the comments and explain your choice.

As for the movie, we’ll see if the intended love birds find their middle ground. Maybe they won’t, which would be a nice twist in the romance drama formula. One thing I can bet on: the power of love will reign supreme over words and pictures.