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Love Match’s San Francisco Photo Tour: The Mission

When you emerge from the 16th street Bart station in the heart of the Mission District, you’d never know it’s considered the hottest neighborhood in San Francisco. You’re instantly accosted by some seriously mentally impaired and drug-addled homeless people, scuzzy sidewalks and the stench of urine.

But a few blocks over on Valencia Street, there are pricey eateries, chic boutiques and myriad cafes selling single-pour cups of coffee for $5 (Arabica blend with plummy, juicy notes).

This tide of gentrification is due in part to dotcom #1 (late 90s), and now the influx of young Silicon Valley tech employees from Google, Facebook, among others. They’d rather live in the city than the sleepy suburbs of San Mateo County. And who can blame them? The companies encourage and support this desire by providing enormous Wi-Fi outfitted coach buses to shuttle their workers back and forth.

A lot has been written about this influx of young techies with money to burn: they’ve driven up housing prices, caused a shortage and have changed the cultural landscape of the city. It’s created an acrimonious divide. Longtime residents are disgruntled and angry, rabidly flipping off the Google buses whenever they pass. At any gathering of “locals,” there’s at least a fifteen-minute bitch session about how much “entitled techies suck.” The changing Mission has become the focus for all that’s wrong with San Francisco.

Regardless of where you stand on gentrification, tech companies and entitled millennials, the Mission still retains its Latino and multiethnic roots, colorful murals and now boasts the “best burrito” in America. It’s an eclectic and unique place to hang out. But when you walk the streets, be prepared to hold your nose.

She (Jessica) had been leading Didi and her pack of equally inebriated bridesmaids on a bachelorette pub crawl through the Mission District. The Galanga Room was the fourth stop on the itinerary and most likely the last.

Beware, Facebook Junkies: social media’s a scammers’ paradise

An intriguing new study came out that heavy Facebook users are more prone to phishing scams. It seems the more you’re on the site, the less vigilant you are about automatically accepting friend requests without considering how you may know this person. It should come as no surprise that criminals are running rampant all over Facebook, bilking users of their personal details and luring them into all sorts of nefarious intrigue. The outlet is a goldmine of personal details, which we all share freely anyway!

But I wonder how true the study’s thesis is? In the age of cybercrime, I’d like to think that we’ve become more discerning: unless your only goal on Facebook is to just rack up the numbers. Personally, I don’t accept every friend request—especially when they’re from my friends’ or relatives’ children. (Does your newborn baby really need a Facebook account?) I tend to post adult content, so I decline the youngsters. If they’re of age, I’d rather not know about their college partying antics. This saves me from awkward conversations with their parents when they’re wondering why their kid is flunking out of Harvard. Business relationships are now only accepted on LinkedIn.

Regardless of how savvy we’ve become about cybercrime, it’s very real and become more sophisticated. Take an extra second to consider who “wants to be your friend.”

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