So What Exactly Is Content Marketing?

It’s a concept that’s getting thrown about these days and with good reason. You’re being exposed to it constantly, and you may not even be aware of it. Every time you read a blog, checkout a Facebook page, read a tweet or look at somebody’s tumblr, you’re being marketed to on some level.

Content marketing is about communicating and engaging with your audience or customers. Instead of selling products or services, you’re providing ongoing information that provides value to their experience. Down the line, that engagement will convert to business.

Let’s say you’re an amazing cook. All your friends think you should be teaching classes and sharing your talents with the world,  while you’re making money at the same time. Where do you start? How do you build a customer base? How do you let everyone know you’ve got the chops to teach every frustrated cook how to make a perfect soufflé? The Internet and social media have provided this enormous opportunity to get yourself and/or your products out there.

So you create a blog and continually post smart, valuable and fun information to gain readers and build and retain an audience. You write weekly posts, offer cooking tips, recipes, demonstration videos. Then, spread those posts as wide as you can on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The goal of this content strategy is to turn your audience into customers, so when the time comes to offer those cooking classes, your loyal followers will say, “I’d like to do that. Sign me up.”

How I Can Help You?

Often sole proprietors or small businesses don’t have the time or interest to maintain their sites. They haven’t posted anything for months, even years. The sites are suffering from “bit rot,” meaning they are deteriorating and losing their effectiveness. They are certainly not coming up in the search engine results because the web crawlers, who read site pages and info to create search engine indexes, are programmed to visit new and updated sites. And, if you have an outdated Flash site, the web crawlers won’t even know you exist.

I can keep this from happening to your online presence. I can keep your site current, consistent and intriguing to expand your marketing reach and rise above the competition. Here’s how:

Strategize: Develop and execute a content marketing plan

At our initial meeting, we’ll discuss your business and goals, and define your audience. We’ll analyze your website, current social media channels and determine what is and isn’t working. Then, together we formulate a plan to accomplish your goals.

Tools and Service Options:

Your Website: Create content and maintenance

  • Write 2 – 4 posts per month
  • Optimize it with keywords, titles and meta tags
  • Manage blog, updates and engagement
  • Promote on social media channels

Writing samples available upon request.

Social Media Channels: Create content and maintenance

  • Set-up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels
  • Build followers and LIKES
  • Write 1 – 2 posts per week
  • Manage channels, updates and engagement
  • Create and manage Facebook ad campaign

Monthly Newsletter/E-blast: Create content and maintenance

  • Write and incorporate posts from website and social channels
  • Manage updates and distribution lists

Build Your Website:

  • Create a customized and easy-to-maintain website using WordPress
  • Design a layout that best expresses your image and speaks to your audience
  • Instruct you how to post and maintain it yourself, or I can do it for you


Website Makeover:

For more complicated websites involving html5, e-commerce or extra functionality, I work with a sharp team of web developers who can update, redesign and optimize your site.

Special Events: 

  • Develop special event for your targeted audience
  • Integrate into content marketing strategy
  • Project management


 Please contact me if you’d like to know about my services, how I can help grow your online presence and meet your content marketing needs.